Children’s dental care plan of the Junta de Andalucía

Children’s dental care

Boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 15 residing in Andalusia have the right to receive free basic dental care and certain special treatments through the Individual Health Card.

What does children’s oral care cover?

The assistance includes an annual review where information is provided on oral hygiene standards, diets, etc., with exploration and recognition of the permanent dentition and medical follow-up in cases where it is advised.

Always according to the criteria of each dentist, the following can be performed:

Sealing of fissures or pits in healthy permanent pieces that will prevent the appearance of cavities.
Obturation in permanent pieces (fillings) when there are already cavities.
More adequate treatment of pulpal lesions.
Extraction of temporary teeth (baby teeth).
Extraction of a permanent dental piece, provided that under the criteria of your main dentist you do not have another more conservative treatment.
Tartrectomy (cleaning), when calculus and/or extrinsic pigmentation is detected in the permanent dentition.

The care may also cover certain special treatments for traumatisms or malformations of the canine incisor teeth.

How to request dental care?

You can freely choose your main dentist from the list of available dentists each year. You have to bear in mind that during the month of December you can only choose those belonging to the public sector as your main dentist.

Choice of main dentist

If you need more information, you can go to your health center or call the Salud Responde telephone number on 955 545 060.

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